I’m Anna Hug.
An author and fiction editor.

The long, hard work of your first draft is done. You may have already given your novel or short story to friends or readers for feedback, perhaps you’ve sent it out to publishers or agents. But for some reason, your story is ‘not quite working yet’. That’s where I come in.

For full length manuscripts of fiction or memoir, I offer an Editorial Report to help you focus, improve and develop your manuscript to become the best book it can be. Read on

“Thank you so much Anna for the marvelous editorial report.
It was exactly what I needed to take my new novel forward.”

Donvé Lee, author

For writers of short fiction, I offer a focused Short Story Report to help you structure, develop and polish your stories before you submit. Read on

“ I learnt a lot working with Anna on my short stories.
She is insightful, critically constructive and a pleasure to work with. ”

Bongo Rulashe, short story writer