Manuscript Editing

Editorial Report

This is ideal if you have completed your fiction or memoir manuscript.
My report is the first step in the editing process, while your story is still ‘in development’.
It will address big picture changes to your story rather than honing in on grammar, style and punctuation as a copy edit would. I give in-depth, empathetic, ‘big picture’ editorial feedback that analyses (not criticises), and suggests (not dictates) multiple ways to take your book forward.

What does it entail?

  • First, I’ll send you a simple questionnaire to help me get to know your book, as well as your goals in writing it. I’ll request three sample chapters of the narrative, and a once off Zoom call to discuss your writing.
  • Next, I’ll read your manuscript analytically, focusing on any issues you’ve identified & the key features of storytelling – like theme, structure, character, pacing and plot.
  • Finally, I’ll put my in-depth feedback into a structured, professional report packed with suggestions on how to take your novel forward.

“Anna possesses that rare combination of incisive and emotional intelligence.
She is honest, respectful and specific in her notes, and her input took our co-written manuscript, ‘Love you Madly’, to a whole new level.”

Daisy Jones & Lucinda Hooley, co-authors of Love You Madly

How long? Depending on word count, between 6 to 10 weeks.

What does it cost? Cost is dependent on word count. Please contact me for a quote.